We Have Wonderful Speakers!
Our meetings are not just about work. Some of our meetings offer speakers discussing plant care,  background information on specific species , how to deal with pests and disease, native orchids, judging pointers, orchids that are "must-haves" for your collection, and  tips for growing orchids in a home environment. 

We were lucky to  have John and Shirley Dunkelberger at one of our recent meetings.  John spoke about the AOS judging process with tips for good display. He also shared information about plant hybridization, the ongoing changes in orchids names and classification and answered many questions the group posed.

John Dunkelberger
Accredited AOS Judge since 1978

John has been growing orchids since: 1956

Here are John and Shirley in Ecuador in 2007 on one of their orchid expeditions. Shirley is on the far left in the white hat. John is kneeling on the right with the blue cap and camera. 

Greg Griffis is the orchid grower at Longwood Gardens. He recently spoke to us on the topic of "Twelve Orchids Everyone should Grow."  He provided a wealth of information!

Did you know that a phalaenopsis could grow like this?